Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a product leader in the internet of things space.

Chief Product Officer @ Leverege
Head of Product & Design @ IoT For All
Design Mentor @ Springboard


Multi-disciplinary product manager & leader by way of product design. Currently leading product management and product design at Leverege building the Leverege IoT Stack.

In my free time, you can usually find me hiking in Shenandoah, building mugs at the pottery studio, or working on some oil paintings.

Best Tech Manager in Washington, DC | 2019 Timmy Awards
Speaking Engagements
How to Make a Design System Work For Your Team | MoCo UX 2020
Building a Cross Functional Design System | NoVa UX 2020
What is IoT?| Women in Tech Summit 2019

Product Management

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Leverege's mission is to enable and accelerate the digital transformation of all organizations, amplifying their human potential by providing software products and managed services that help them successfully implement and develop Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Chief Product Officer

The Leverege IoT Stack is an integrated set of four cloud-native software components that accelerate the development, deployment, and management of enterprise-grade, massive scale IoT applications for a variety of use cases and industries.

RecovR is the leading lot management & theft recovery system for dealerships in the US. With RecovR, dealers have more efficient control and management of their inventory and a new revenue stream with the RecovR Consumer Theft Recovery Product.

Software Product Owner
Design Director

The RecovR product suite includes the dealership lot management product, the consumer theft recovery product, the law enforcement theft tracking product, and the global IoT device management product.

IoT For All Platform
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IoT For All is an online destination serving as the intermediary between buyers and sellers of IoT solutions. The platform assists customers with selecting the IoT solution they need to get their product off the ground.

Product Owner
Design Director

IoT For All must seamlessly weave in resources like articles, podcast episodes, and eBooks with solution offerings and events listings all while maintaining an enjoyable experience for the user.

Product Design


Clyde empowers businesses—from startups to enterprises—to offer extended warranties and accident protection to their customers.

Design Lead

Clyde requested a platform that enables customers to access and review all of their warranties. Customers are able to view the fine print, extend product coverage, and file a claim through HiClyde.


PetSmart is a retail chain operating in the United States and Canada that is engaged in the sale of specialty pet animal products, such as food, furniture, habitats, and accessories, and services, such as dog grooming and dog training, boarding facilities, and daycare.

Design Lead

The PetSmart team is considering installing location trackers on the collars of pets that are checked into the PetHotel. PetSmart wanted to explore a new platform that would enable their employees to view pet location data and track pet activity.

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Computercraft has more than 30 years of experience providing IT solutions and services to the federal government and private sector with a focus on health and biomedical research.


Computercraft requested an employee leave request and management system that enables their management team to share planned leave with their client easily and efficiently. They wanted to increase employee compliance, improve data quality, and enable transparency for all employees about the status of their request.

Dribbble Snacks
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Here’s a little snack from my Dribbble profile where I explore the boundaries of IoT, design, and data.


Leverege Website & Brand
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The Leverege IoT Platform accelerates the development of low-cost, end-to-end IoT solutions with an innovative development & deployment platform with companion System Integration services.

Creative Director
UX & SEO Lead
Webflow Developer

Leverege needed a fresh identity that reflected its transition from a startup to a powerhouse IoT platform.

Yang 2020 Presidential Campaign Brand

Andrew Yang, an attorney, entrepreneur, and the founder of Venture for America, began his 2020 presidential campaign in 2017. Yang's campaign strongly focused on the displacement of American workers through automation, a problem Yang claims was a major reason Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Logo Design
Brand Identity

The Yang 2020 Presidential Campaign requested a logo and visual design for their campaign website.

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