Hi, I'm Hannah

I design, write, and code (a little) in the internet of things space
VP, Design & Product Experience at Leverege
Managing Editor at IoT For All


Autonomous Vehicles & The Rise of the Passenger Economy
With the passenger economy expected to reach $7T, it’s no surprise that companies like BMW, Panasonic, and Hitachi presented new autonomous vehicles this year at CES.
Voice Assistants Are Taking Over Consumer IoT
The year: 2019. The opponents: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The stage: CES.
Apple’s Bet On AR & The Future of UI Design
AR design has more potential than just layering a virtual filter on top of our faces in Snapchat.
IoT’s Role in Natural Disasters like Harvey
Open data, drones, and early warning systems can significantly counteract the impact of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey.
Walmart Throws Shade. Amazon Takes Note.
Ok, Google. I have a message for Amazon.
Amazon’s Whole Foods: Grocery Chains are F*cked
Amazon bought Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion and is now one step closer to its mission: be the place you can buy everything.
Bad Design Kills: Self-Driving Cars or Not
Wrecks caused by self-driving cars have gotten a lot of heat in the press lately, sparking debate on whether or not machines can be safer…
Your IoT Product Will Fail (Unless You Read This)
Many things go into a successful product other than just connecting it to the internet and deeming it “smart”. To make your IoT product…